NU-ARBOR Anti-Transpirant


NU-ARBOR Anti-Transpirant polymer effectively reduces miosture loss from plants by as much as 50%. One application will last 3 to 6 months. NU-ARBOR Anti-transpirant dries to a clear, non-sticky finish in only 15 minutes, leaving the plant looking natural and aesthetically beautiful. It is a water-based product that mixes easily and does not clog sprayers or pumps. Simple sudsy ammonia will remove the product if it dries on an undesirable surface. Remaining material can be saved for use in later applications.

1 gallon
2 1/2 gallon
55 gallon drum

Application: NU-ARBOR Anti-Transpirant is mixed at a rate of 1 part Anti-transpirant to 20 to 25 parts water. This can be used as either a plant dip or spray solution and can be applied with a back pack or high pressure system. To minimize drought stress, apply before the soil moisture gets low. A single application to evergreens will prevent damage and allow plants to keep their healthy color through winter.

NU-ARBOR Anti-Transpirant Application Chart
Anti-Transpirant Total Water/Product Mix
1 pint 2.5 gallons
1 quart 5 gallons
2.5 gallons 50 gallons
5 gallons 100 gallons

Spray Adjuvant NU-ARBOR

Spray Adjuvant

NU-ARBOR Spray Adjuvant is a superior oil-based encapsulating agent that allows users to reduce pesticide usage by as much as 50% while maintaining control. Due to the superior encapsulation technology, this product acts as a spreader and a sticker agent as well as reducing odors significantly while spraying obnoxious chemicals.

Application: NU-ARBOR Spray Adjuvant is mixed at a rate of 8oz per 100 gallons of water or 25% of the active ingredient used. Spray Adjuvant should be pre-mixed with your pesticide prior to adding to the tank. If you are using a foliar fertilizer in the application, add the fertilizer to the tank first, and then the pesticide/Spray Adjuvant while agitating the mix. This product should not be used in a backpack sprayer unless the model has a continuous agitation feature.

NU-ARBOR Plant and Tree Wash

Plant and Tree Wash

NU-ARBOR Plant & Tree Wash is a natural vegetable oil soap product.
NU-ARBOR Plant & Tree Wash is an alkaline product and is not recommended for use on tender leaf plants such as Mountain Ash, Japanese Maple or Horse Chestnut as the soap can cause damage.

Application: NU-ARBOR Plant & Tree Wash mixes readily with water and may be used in all types of sprayers. For best results apply full coverage spray on entire leaf surface. Spray in the coolest and humid time of the day. For best results apply full coverage spray with high pressure. Use a large volume of solution to create a washing effect.

Plant & Tree Wash Dilution Chart
Young Ornamentals 1-400 dilution
(i.e. 1 quart/100 gallons water)
Mature Plants 1-100 dilution
(i.e. 1 gallon/100 gallons water)