NU-ARBOR Soil Rejuvenate

Soil Rejuvenate

NU-ARBOR Soil Rejuvenate is a microbial and trace mineral plant food. Applications will allow for an increase in soil microbial activity, water penetration and nutrient transport. Soil Rejuvenate gives a vigorous growth to newly planted trees and shrubs, or trees and shrubs under stress.
RATE – 10oz/100 GAL WATER.

CONTAINS: enzymes extracted from actinomyces thermophilous, mixobacteria cellivibrio and m. cytophaga, streptomyces fulvoviridis bacillus circulans bacillus subtilli, and saccharomyces cervevil fermented carrier of nutrients.

NU-ARBOR Soil Booster

Soil Booster

NU-ARBOR Soil Booster is a combination of essential trace minerals and enzymes derived from seaweed and microbial fermentation. The product should be applied with a sufficient amount of water to accelerate mineralization and increase the growth and vigor of plants. Soil Booster can be mixed with liquid fertilizer to meet the plant’s major nutrient needs, such as N, P & K. Soil Booster can be used during the early part of spring for established plants, and as a transplant feeding solution for newly planted trees and shrubs. RATE – 10oz/100 GAL WATER