1-Two Root Injector NU-ARBOR

NU-ARBOR is excited to announce the arrival of the 1-Two Root Injector.  This versatile tool accurately delivers liquid  Nu-Arbor Root Fertilizers and can also be utilized to inject soil applied insecticides such as imidicloprid.

Demand for this tool is strong since production of the Kioritz Soil Injector ceased.  The Nu-Arbor 1-Two Root Injector includes a large 4-gallon back-pack tank and offers improved strength, length and durability.


Fill the 1-Two Root Injector tank with the desired amount of fertilizer or water.  DO NOT USE THE BACK PACK PUMP HANDLE!  The product in the tank will reach the injector by simply lowering the injector below the back pack.  Open the front Air Vent Valve just enough to release all air locked in the device, then close the valve securely. Insecticides may be added to the tank at this time as desired.  For video instructions see  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HJnES3TP-U